Is Australia Racist?

A documentary by this name will air in just under three weeks on SBS. I watched an advertisement promoting it tonight on free-to-air television. I will belabour a certain observation I have made time and time again, but which may not be totally obvious.

Why does seem like the left want people to be racist? This might seem like a radical idea – they promote their entire waking energies to supposedly correcting social injustices. But when you really look at it, by constantly interpreting everything and everyone that doesn’t align with leftist ideology as racist, what is literally being created is a racist world. If it doesn’t exist in such epidemic proportions as is claimed, in reality, then it is at least painting a picture in the minds of many people – from university students, to media consumers, to young children just growing up in school – that the world, or at least the Western world, is a horrible place, and it’s filled with many horrible people.

Say that the racism thing is overblown, then what you actually have is the left/progressives (those of us who aren’t inside that ideology and therefore not blinded by it know exactly what it is, regardless of whether or not you agree with my terminology) proposing to be making the world a better place, but at the same time actively bringing down any optimism

I don’t think there can be an end to the left political agenda, because it feeds off of its own satisfaction. The public are told more and more that they are terrible people, and are coerced by social and cultural forces to change their behaviour, lest they suffer social or economic consequences  (we must use neutral gender pronouns, spout the wonders of multiculturalism, accept and promote that there can actually legitimately  be more than two genders, not be racist, or offend others, the list goes on…).  The more that society  conforms to these leftist ideals, the more the left becomes convinced that society are a bunch of racist, bigoted, depraved individuals. And so the cycle continues, ad infinitum. You end up with a sterile, impotent society which has no values except what the media and academic elites and cultural experts tell us, and what will probably be indoctrinating our kids very soon (having graduated from high school nearly a decade ago, I only started experiencing the beginnings of potent political correctness. You now have to search quite hard to find media views not espousing politically correct interpretations of the world; there is absolutely no hope in schools and universities now – the places that will exert the greatest influence over minds.

I will briefly mention the snippet I saw of the advertisement for Is Australia Racist? in which you are led to believe that yes we are. A young child is showed dolls of different skin colours, and is asked whether there are any dolls that aren’t Australian. Of course the child points to a black doll. The implication is that yes, we are racist, and we’re racist right from a young age. Naturally some bureaucrat will get a job out of this designing some piece of curriculum to force indoctrination among kids about what terrible people they are.

A young child should not be taken as evidence of racism. The outcome merely shows that the child hasn’t developed the capacity to grasp intellectually what the researcher was hoping to find. They want to find racism and so they do. Possibly, the child didn’t understand the question, and pointed to the black doll because she understood the person asking the question to be define Australians as most likely to be white.

The child was probably too young to understand the accepted definition of Australian which is hazy in these times of political correctness anyway, but is more centred around citizens or residents of Australia who may vary in skin colour/ethnicity, and have a variety of cultural values and beliefs but are connected by their relationship to the nation. The problem is that with multiculturalism, there ceases to be a need for a concept as ‘Australian’ anyway – instead we are just citizens of a multicultural nation – once you have multiculturalism then any actual culture or cultural value becomes redundant. I would argue that my above concept is closer, but such threads connecting people in a nation seem to have become redundant.

So, I would say in sum, that the young child simply couldn’t yet possess the capacity to differentiate between the concepts of ethnicity and/or skin colour, and national identity. Such abstract concepts will develop later. The child is not racist; the child is a child.

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