Climategate 2.0

Such is the name of a piece in the Wall Street journal on February 7, where Patrick J. Michaels discusses a “Whistleblower’s claim that NOAA manipulated climate data for political ends.”

Patrick J. Michaels discusses the latest controversy in climate science over the 2015 paper by Thomas Karl and others, purporting to bust the myth of the pause, or hiatus: Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus. The claim was that the supposed hiatus was in fact a mistake. According to science magazine,

“temperatures did not plateau as thought and that the supposed warming “hiatus” is just an artifact of earlier analyses.”

The “whistleblower, John Bates from It is discussed by John Bates in a lengthy post on Judith Curry’s blog on February 4, discussing the issues related to the pausebuster article, including how he felt it ridiculous that many are worried about Trump destroying climate data, when that is the same issue that Bates agonised over during his career, and which has led to controversy not just with the 2015 Karl et al. article, but with controversies last decade with Michael Mann. The post is well worth a read.

Here is the story, broken by The Mail on Sunday on February 5:


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